The world's oldest sport is at Hideaway Beach Club

As early as 5000 B.C. the Egyptians played a form of Bocce with polished rocks. The common objective was trying to come as close as possible to a fixed target. From this early objective, the basic rules of Bocce were born. From Egypt, the game made its way to Greece around 800 B.C. The Romans learned the game from the Greeks and introduced it throughout the empire. The Roman influence in Bocce is preserved in the game’s name. Bocce derived from the Latin word meaning boss or ball.

From Rome to Great Britain to France then Africa and finally in 2010, Bocce made its way to the Hideaway Beach Club where the famous Hideaway Beach Bocce Club was organized.

Today, thanks to the hard work our chairpersons and member involvement, we have more than 280 players enjoying the game.

It should be noted that oral traditions of Bocce are a very important part of the game. Although Bocce is a five letter word, many four letter words are often used.

So, throw out the pallino and be a part of the world’s oldest sport: A sport known to revive the body and mind.